So Fedorable

My husband and I love to wake up late on Sunday mornings, throw on comfy clothes and check out a new brunch hot spot. My weekend uniform consists of jeans, a t-shirt and usually an embellished cardigan. This look can easily be accessorized with a statement necklace or a brightly colored handbag…but that doesn’t solve the crazy salad (aka hair) on my head. Thick hair does not run in my Scandinavian family so my fine tresses are easily plastered to my noggin come sunrise. This is where function meets fashion with fedoras!

Fedoras are a huge spring trend and it is important to remember to find balance – a tomboy touch mixed with feminine pieces goes a long way. Designers showcased lots of menswear in their spring and fall collections, but it is important to note that you need to offset the look with something pretty.  A floral top with jeans, a t-shirt and skirt, a flowing sundress or simply a necklace and/or wrist glitz can lighten up the fedora look. Also (and equally important), don’t slick your hair back in the hat. No need to brush your hair much, leave it mess sexy (think Victoria’s Secret model but with more clothes on) - and either leave your hair down or let a few strands fall loose from your ponytail. Hats off (or should I say on) to spring!

If you already sport a fabulous fedora, let us know where you found it!