Tried-and-True: The VSCO Presets Worth Downloading

Nailing the perfect filter for your photos can be intimidating. Too many options, so little time, right? Read on for some of our tried-and-true favorite VSCO filters that will have your feed looking flawless in no time. 


#1. Filter J1  


The J1 filter is your go-to for producing a clean-contrasting feel to your photos. Shadows become cooler, and focal points become dramatic and defining. J1 is a must-have if you want to transform a dull, quiet moment into an edgier contrasted photo.
J1: Part of the Minimalistic Collection ($2.99)


#2. Filter A6

A6 presents you with warmth and ultra-rich colors. The highlights have an exceptionally bright tone, which helps give a crisp finish. Pinks and reds shift to an orange and tangerine, while browns and wood tones transition to a dark, richer red. Best for a cleaner color curve. 
A6: Part of the Analog/Aesthetic Series (FREE)


#3. Filter 06

06 excels in creating a sunwashed environment without losing complete color vibrancy. For best results, the primary objects within your raw image should be colorful and naturally-lit. With it's application of a slight fade and soft contrast, it never fails to add a layer of freshness. Perfect for smoothing out rough surfaces {like our yellow photo paper}!
A6: Part of the Legacy Series ($1.99)


#4. Filter HB2

HB2 brings that brightening and high contrasting effect to your photos. Want to give your blue skies an extra punch? This is one of our favorite filters for your outdoor photos . It's a little heavier, and plays up on shadows, so there's no crime against cranking down the strength! Best when desiring bold color hues and a finished product that is left stunningly cool {in temperature}. 
HB2: Part of the Hypebeast Series (FREE for a limited time)