Valentine's Ladies Night Out

The day of love is upon us and if you're not wining and dining with your sweetie, why not spend the night in with your best girlfriends! Valentine's Day is about celebrating with those you love, so what better way to celebrate this lovely holiday than throwing a V-Day soiree with your best friends! Switch it up this year and host a picture perfect Valentine's soiree yourself by making tasty sweets, uniquely branded paper materials, and, of course, fun + festive bubbly cocktails!

1. Come up with a fun and festive signature cocktail for your girls to sip on. Looking for a drink recipe perfect for cupid's Holiday? Try champagne, pear juice, and pomegranate juice!

2. Keep the food light with small bites such as berry + goat cheese bruschetta, yogurt-covered pretzels, red velvet cupcakes, and, of course, your favorite assortment of Valentine's candy!

3. Impress your girls by going the extra decor mile with uniquely branded invitations and paper materials, and pink + red florals to spruce up your space.

4. Keep it interactive and ask your ladies to bring a themed gift {like an inexpensive piece of jewelry, or a pair of cute undies} for a fun gift exchange. After all, who doesn't like getting a little something something on valentines day? Also, nobody likes a dead {and quiet} party,  right? We recommend creating a custom party playlist to keep the spirits high {but make sure to send a copy home with everybody as a little "thank you"}!

Special kudos to our wonderful graphic design team {Kayd, Ashley, + Ashley} for the collateral! We would love to see photos from your girls' night out so make sure to Instagram your Valentine’s day soiree and tag us @stylearchitects!