The Best of Summer Entertaining

The details - small, yet meaningful touches – of your event are what make it memorable, and set it apart from the ordinary summer BBQ. Guests love to reminisce and converse about past experiences, so why not stimulate those visions through vintage-inspired décor? Using bright, floral tablecloths to outfit the dinner table or serving beverages in old-fashioned bottles are just two simple ways to bring the past to life through detail. Scout for props and decorations at vintage shops, like Hunt & Gather, or consider making use of treasures you have in your own home. Not only is this a way to add meaning to the décor of your event, but it is also budget-friendly.

Decorating for an event makes for the perfect opportunity to repurpose things in your already own; try using a Patrón bottle as a vase for fresh flowers (perhaps from your garden) at your next event.

The food and drinks you serve your guests instantly become a part of the décor. Hotdogs are a BBQ staple; personalize the all-American classic by setting up a gourmet hotdog bar. This is an inexpensive way to wow your guests, because everyone loves variety and the option to dress their hotdog just as they like it. You can choose from regular or gourmet dogs.

Provide guests with an assortment of condiments and fixings like onions, relish, sauerkraut, scallions, avocado, banana peppers, slaw, and pretzel. This is an opportunity for them to put a personal stamp on their dinner. Don’t be afraid to try whipping up your own condiments or serving exotic fixings - it’s another meaningful detail added to your event. For a Minnesota influence on your event, try serving locally-sourced food and produce. It’s is a great way to support your community and provide your guests with tasty, quality food.


Satisfy your thirsty guests with an eclectic collection of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Again, variety is key. This is a great opportunity for your guests to sample new concoctions, which is bound to add entertainment to the evening. Craft beers are a standard for BBQ’s, but choosing Minnesota brews, like Brau Bros. or Surly, is yet another way to personalize your party. The revival of glass soda bottles is another way to play up the vintage theme of your event.

Rose wines are another summer trend. These wines range in price, so you are bound to find a bottle that fits in your get-together budget. Solo Vino has an extensive collection, and they can help you choose the perfect selection for your event.

Last but certainly not least, no dinner is complete without dessert! Dessert can be one more way to provide great décor for your event, like nautical-inspired cupcakes from Sweets Bakeshop.

A “build your own sundae” bar gives your guests choice and variety, and is a simple way to dress the table with favorites from the vintage, soda shop days. Tall spoons, sundae glasses, and straws are a must. As are the toppings – candy, cookies, sprinkles, fruit, even kettle corn.

Events this summer are all about reinventing and repurposing classics, infusing unique details, personalizing, and providing guests with new experiences. These elements are sure to make your backyard soiree a party to remember for years to come.

Photos by Canary Grey Photography

Written by Robyn Wolfish