Stylish Person Feature: Kyle Wilson

Stylish Person: Kyle Wilson  -  via Style-Architects

It's time we shared a dapper dude with you all for this month's stylish person feature {no offense ladies}. Meet Kyle Wilson, manager of Shinola Minneapolis and creative force + owner of Stewart James {we highly suggest you check this hip, nautical line out}. Sit back, enjoy your Tuesday morning cup of jo and take notes from this "Made in America" retail genius. 1. Tell us about your position as manager of the Shinola Minneapolis store?

As manager of Shinola MPLS I love each and everyday. I get to work with incredible employees who were all willing to give up stable jobs to come work with me at Shinola. Everyday is exciting and new at the Store. Since my very first day with the company, I have been extremely passionate about the brand and the “made in America” story behind it.

2. What do you like best about your job?

Being able to meet new customers everyday. We get everyone from young hipsters loving the north loop vibe, to mature customers who love our products and want His and Her Shinola bikes! I love to hear customer’s unique stories about how they heard about Shinola and their passion for the brand.

3. We've also heard a bit about your company, Stewart James. Tell us more!

Stewart James was created from a vision of a nautical apparel clothing line, where all the pieces would only get better with age. Our first item in the collection was a collaboration with Ebbets Field; an anchor hat.  The hat symbolized the classic, effortless feel that can be so hard to achieve.  I wanted to bring the nautical feel back to the Midwest with the “made in America” added benefit.

Stewart James is an inspirational outlet where I can create great product made in America. Red, white, and blue are always a classic pairing of colors, which Stewart James tries to emphasize in each individual item.

4. How do you like to spend your weekends?

My wife and I both love to get up early to get coffee and explore the beautiful locations here in Minnesota. We live and hangout most of our time around the lakes, we enjoy biking on the Green Way, exploring new shops and trying out new restaurants (mostly pizza joints!)

5. How would you describe your personal style?

"Ivy Prep." I love wearing oxfords, chinos, sneakers and chukka boots. I get inspiration on my preppy style from brands like; Grayers, Todd Snyder, Gitman Vintage, and Jack Spade.

6. What adds pep to your step?

Brand new sneakers. There is just something about getting a new pair of shoes that makes all my worries in the world disappear!