Styling 101: Buying

Hello Style-Architects friends! Welcome to our first "Styling 101" blog post! In this series, our stylists will share various styling pearls of wisdom with you all. But don't fret, if this seems like too much information, remember that our styling team offers a variety of services and is happy to help you with your every need! As you may already know, our styling team offers buying services for business owners looking to spruce up their retail space or merchandise. Check out today's Styling 101: Buying. Enjoy!

Before the trip:

  • Establish your target market {This should be in your business plan}
  • Define image/overall branding of the store {our super savvy sister company, Brand-Architects, can help you with this!}
  • Think about software for tracking sales {a must in today’s competitive market}
  • Decide lines you'd like to carry, find out where else they are sold in your area, and do research on new lines. Also, determine if the lines are sold online and at what mark-up.
  • Evaluate merchandise
  • Evaluate space
  • Create budget
  • Know the trends/colors that you think are strongest
  • Have an idea of what you are looking for and how deep {including sizes} you want to buy merchandise in.
  • Map out vendors to visit
  • Be willing to check out lines you've never heard of

During Market:

  • Be prepared for long days {you might want to pack a comfy pair of flats!}
  • Stick to your budget by adding up what you spent every day and re-evaluate.
  • Have a good system in place for your line sheets, to keep track of things you want to buy, or have bought.
  • Start building great relationships with vendors you want to carry, and ones you'd like to carry.
  • Walk every isle of every show- you don't want to miss anything! 

After you return:

  • Follow up with vendor reps and continue to build strong relationships. Once you have built relationships, see about getting items in for sale time. Make sure to send a thank you email from market and a n old fashioned hand-written one once you get home.
  • Evaluate merchandise bought at market- cancel any unwanted items.
  • Keep clear sales record of items that sold and didn't sell.
  • Train the sales team on what is coming in and show images of what you bought, they can start pre-selling or at least building a buzz.
  • Know how to price your product
  • Have your p.o entered before the merchandise arrives.
  • Know what needs to be paid for in advance and what items come with terms.
  • Merchandising is key to sales, if things are/aren't moving a "re-merch" is a great way to revamp!