Styling 101: 5 Secrets to an Organized Closet

As the temperates begin to rise and we prepare to say goodbye to our winter wardrobe, we all know that a good {closet} clean is also part of the spring seasonal package. While it can be a bit of a drag, we promise you'll feel oh-so-accomplished once the deed is done. Time to say goodbye to those frazzled, frantic mornings and start the new season off fresh with these tips to help you whip your closet in shape for spring! 1. Edit for clarity. Take a look at every item that is in your closet, drawers and wherever else you stash your fashion. Ask yourself why it’s in your wardrobe. If the item is in poor condition, does not fit, needs repair, is something that you don’t wear or any other reason, pull it out. Have bags ready {and labeled} on where these items can go: donation, re-sale, person who likes your hand-me- downs, tailor, etc.

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2. Organize for simplicity. Group your clothing together by style: basics, blazers/coats, sweaters, specialty, etc. Then, organize by color: light to dark, left to right. It will make getting ready easier when you need an item.

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3. Keep what you need close at hand. If you use multiple places in your home to keep your fashion, have what you need most often close to where you get ready everyday. Formal wear that you might only need once a year can be kept in another part of the house. This will free up space in your primary closet.

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4. Have "looks" ready. Take some time to put together a few fresh looks. Hang them together by outfit. Then, when you are in a rush to get out the door in the morning, you will have a complete look (with accessories) ready to go. This is also a great way to start using some pieces that you might not be wearing as much as you wish. Taking the time to be creative in what you pair together is much easier on a leisure day than at 6:00 a.m. on the morning of a big meeting.

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5. Use proper hangers. Store your clothing on proper hangers. Knits go on padded hangers, Pants get clipped at the waist, Jackets are kept on wooden hangers. This will keep your clothing in much better shape. You won’t be running for an iron or putting a jacket over a sweater with stretched out shoulders as often.

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