Style-Architects' New Years Resolutions

As we are about to embark on 2014, we think it’s time we make some promises to ourselves in order to make it the best year yet! Although we are so thankful for what years prior have blessed us with, but let’s face it, we all did {or failed to do} some things in 2013 that we aren’t proud of- but thank goodness for New Years Resolutions! Check out what the Style-Architects + Brand-Architects teams have in-store for this year, it’s going to be a good one...we can feel it!

Christina: Learn another foreign language during my commute to work each morning!

Judith: Learn new recipes and become a better cook...because lets be honest, quinoa and vegetables (although delicious) gets old after a while.

Tim:  Sign-up for the Preserve Minneapolis walking tours.

Ranosha: Try something new every month. Maybe an infant music class for me and my daughter, a quirky new hula-hooping workout session, or reading a different genre of book.

Emily: To not buy another pair of pleather leggings no matter how cute they are. Oh, and eat healthier and stuff.

Mollie: Cook at least one recipe from Pinterest each week.

Madeline: Freshen up my French by kissing my lazy “c’est la vie” excuse goodbye and making more time for French books and films.

Carlyn: Resist hitting the snooze button more than once in the morning.

Kayd: Travel somewhere tropical and have an adventure!

Catherine: Allow my general rule of thumb to de-clutter and streamline to transcend my need to capture all of life’s moments, with multiple frames, on my iPhone.

Anna: Entertain more in my shoebox apartment - gotta love a challenging space!

Rachelle: Take ballroom dance lessons with my hubby!

Maddy: Bundle up and partake in more winter activities {like ice skating} with friends!

Natalie: Snow shoe to work, at least once!

Laura:  To eat healthier and exercise more {so I'm not out of breath walking up the three flights of stairs to the SA office}!