Rocking the Bump

Meet Mary, my (uber stylish) dear friend and soon-to-be mother of three. Mary and I met years ago in a "league." Yes, you read that correctly…but it wasn't a league that required bowling skills or football was Fashion Fantasy League. Our draft party consisted of dirty martinis, five other sassy friends and plenty of smack talk. Eyes met, style sparks flew and the rest is history. We recently spent a couple days in NYC attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and she looked stunning while rocking her baby bump! I asked Mary to dish her secrets. If you have any additional questions, please post a comment and she will continue to enlighten us… C: What are the basics when it comes to looking stylish while pregnant?

M: They are the same as when you are not pregnant; work with your body type. At some point this means embracing the bump, as this becomes quite the focal point of your body. I love this part of pregnancy, I mean, when else in your post-college life are you drawing focus to your abdominal region?! You could just about put a snug shirt with arrows on it pointing to your belly, and people would say, "Look at the cute preggo!"

prego image

C: What are your favorite stores to shop for maternity clothes?

M: Hot Mama and Pea in the Pod is where I've had luck finding a few preggo specific items, namely denim. Mostly, I wear a lot of "regular" clothes that happen to fit my new body. Bluebird and Anthropologie are a couple of places where I've found some favorite pieces. Oh, and I do keep my eye on H&M maternity although it's very hit or miss.

C: Is there anything that just isn’t flattering to wear while pregnant?

M: Of course! Any time you make your proportions look like Mama Cass/The Snapple Lady/ or that lady from the Drew Carey show, you don't look good. A bulky top with wide pants and flats will make you look like a monster.


C: Any tips for dressing up for a night on the town?

M: Sassy top + skinny jeans + high heeled shoes or boots = hot mamacita. It's ok to still look sexy when you are preggo-extraordinaire. I'm not saying you should look like a two-bit hooker, but don't feel the need to be covered from head to toe in "modest modern" Duggar style garb.

C: Do you have any favorite secret maternity products or tips?

M: When I was pregnant with my first child I managed to score a few samples of Creme de la Mer which I used judiciously on my belly and didn't get a single stretch mark. With my second pregnancy, I used regular moisturizer and recieved a stretch mark one week before the baby arrived. For my third pregnancy I am using Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, which seems awesome, although I won't know if it actually did the trick until I deliver in February. So, La Mer worked for sure, so if you would like to splurge, I totally recommend it.