Prep in Your Step

Boat shoes are putting some major prep in my step this summer! I absolutely love the classic look and the oh-so-comfy wear. They have officially replaced the UGG and moccasin in my closet. And to all of you that own crocs…this is your new best friend! It wouldn’t do the shoe justice if I didn’t mention the practicality. Over 7 decades ago, in 1935 Paul Sperry invented a shoe for the man who loved the thrill of sailing on the open water and named them Sperry Top-Siders. The white rubber sole is meant for stability and to help avoid scratching or marking the deck of a boat. Thank goodness a few designers realized that women would embrace this look!

They're a timeless classic for a reason -- as practical for active wear as they are stylish for dress-down Fridays or weekend trips. They’re preppy, and like a polo shirt — anyone can wear them!

One important thing to note – Always sport them barefoot. Never (ever) pair them with socks.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I LOVE the chic metallic finish.

Steve Madden Yacht Shoe

The fuchsia patent is so sassy!