Setting a Pattern

To stand out in all areas of styling, the golden rule is to think outside of the box. A simple way to add some life to any area of styling, whether it’s your wardrobe, house décor, or photo shoot, is to add in boisterous pattern. The human eye is quick to judge, and is intrigued by bold or contrasting patterns. So throw out the old-fashion and boring rule that styling must have only one strong pattern. Be bold! Add opposing stripe patterns to your bedspread, let your kids dress themselves for the family photo shoot, or wear a shirt with energetic polka dot for fall. A dominant and colorful pattern will provide that unique flair you need! Photography- In a photo shoot, an interesting artistic element is often the unexpected. A sure way to avoid an average photo is to add strong pattern. When adding the pattern to a shoot, it can be robustly contrasting with two different colored and pattern designs.  On the contrary, adding a soft pattern or several similar patterns creates character in the photo.

Remember to contrast patterns as well as textures. Any varying textures are easily seen in a photo and create a new pattern in itself.

Outfits- With the new Autumn season coming up, now is the perfect time to take advantage of wearing fun patterns and textures. Try large and small plaid skirts, animal prints and sheer tights with a design.  A new and distinct trend is to mix bold colors and patterns.

I think we could all take some fashion advice from children, who more often than not have the most interesting and fun outfits, and how to really play with patterns!

Events and Entertaining- Pattern can be created in unexpected ways at your events. From arranging the wine varietals and martini selections at your event, to carefully aligning each wedding program, bouquets or delicious truffle in very distinct way.  The symphony of lines and colors creates visual harmony for your guests.

Photography: Canary grey photography, Kelly Anderson photography, a.m. photography