Stylishly Organized

With the start of every calendar season, comes the need for daily (or weekly planners) to keep life in order. Even though smart phones and other technologies allow us to organize with the click of a button (okay maybe a couple buttons),  we still enjoy the task of writing down all of our appointments by hand; and some people just enjoy maintaining their daily planner both ways.
Purchasing a daily planner is a simple task. Sure, you can run to your local office supply store and pick one up, but that doesn't give you much of a selection to choose from. It is safe to say that over the course of a year, our planner becomes one of our most prized possessions - so why not treat your planner as an accessory? Looking at it this way, planners can be both stylish and functional. We want something stylish enough to display when we pencil in our commitments.
Finding a planner that is useful and easy on the eye can make the shopping process a bit more challenging. After scouting the planner market, it is safe to say there are many well-designed planners available for the next calendar year. Here are our picks:
Gorgeous patterns in this pocket-size planner from Dozi
Multiple patterns available from Letter C Design
Spiral-bound planners in several patterns available via Dabney Lee

Something a bit more stylish and preppy from Sarah Pinto
How cute are these planners by Kate Spade?
The Smart Date system from Russell + Hazel allows you to build your planner based on your individual needs.

Written by Robyn Wolfish