Office Bumps: Our Pregnancy Essentials

There is something in the water over at the Style-Architects office. Shortly after hearing that our lovely neighbor, Amanda Kautt was expecting, Ranosha announced that her sweet baby girl would be joining the world in mid-September. Within a few months, I joined the pregnancy gang and am due in January. It has been incredibly fun to have someone at the office to chat with about all-things baby. Since Ranosha and I will both be first time Mamas, we have been sharing tips and tricks that we have learned from friends and blogs. We thought we would highlight some of the items that help keep our pregnancies blissful {and stylish}.

  1. Water bottle - 50% of our office carries this to meetings. It comes in an array of fresh colors and is made of glass. Hydration is so important during pregnancy.
  2. Maxi dress - We live in maxi dresses! Some pants make our bellies feel like mini muffin tops so dresses are our new best friends. Like this one from Lily and Violet.
  3. Healthy Snacks - Anyone who's been pregnant can tell you that there is a fine line between content and absolutely starving. Be prepared with healthy ideas to keep you going between meals. We love the taste of fresh juice from Truce and our babies love the yummy nutrients they get from the fresh fruits and vegetables. Who knew liquid kale could be so delicious?!
  4. Flat sandals - Hot weather tends to give us what Ranosha calls “sausage feet” so comfy {but stylish} flat sandals are a must!
  5. Pedicures - Fancy nails always add pep to our step but we want to avoid the chemicals and toxins that are in most nail polishes so we have fallen in love with Scotch, the natural formeldahyde-free line available at Roe Wolfe.
  6. Face Spray - We may have a pregnancy glow but our skins still needs daily moisture. We love the antibacterial properties, long-lasting hydration and natural organic ingredients in Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin D Face Mist.
  7. Prenatal massage & yoga - After a long week, winding down with a pre-natal yoga class and/or massage at Blooma is just what the Doctor ordered {or at least that is what we tell ourselves}.
  8. Notebook for journaling and Drs appt - Appointments are more fun to write down and remember when kept in a chic daily planner. Check out this one from Russell and Hazel.
  9. Prenatal books: Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy offers a light hearted take on all of, interesting aspects of pregnancy. The Honest Life, a new book penned by Jessica Alba takes us through her journey to find the right balance and healthy lifestyle for her growing family. These books come highly recommended from our Mom friends!
  10. Chic, easy and convenient stroller - With so many stroller options, we have both decided to go with an Uppababy Stroller. The helpful staff at Pacifier made the decision easy and we think this stroller is both functional and chic. We can’t wait to take our babies on a stroll!