Social Media & Your Brand

Can you imagine a world without social media? Without Twitter, without Facebook and dare I say it, without Pinterest? {Gasp!}  Well, if you remember back about ten years ago, this unimaginable world indeed existed.  Today, however, the average person is constantly surrounded and consumed with social media.  As both a brand and an individual, there is no way of avoiding it.  Social media can be intimidating, but when used strategically, it is a wonderful branding tool for companies as well as people {after all, you are your own brand}! So instead of shying away from the social media world, embrace it!  Here are a few pointers on how to best utilize Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for you and your brand…


The platform for sharing, networking and conversing in 140 character or less.


Create a memorable profile.

Tweet 2-5 times each day.

Be conversational and engaging, it shouldn't solely be a megaphone.

Utilize direct messaging for anything personal.

Use the voice of your brand (whether yourself or company). And be authentic.


Use too many acronyms.

Use overly-long, strange or unnecessary hash tags.

Be negative or offensive.


Pinterest, the latest social media craze, is a virtual pin board, or scrapbook, to collect and organize your favorite images and ideas from around the Web. It is a network for you and your brand to showcase your style, spark creativity, inspire and be inspired. This is my new favorite addiction.


Selectively curate. Make sure pins support your brand image.

Connect with your online presence. Pin images on your website, blog or portfolio site to increase traffic for you and/or your brand.

Link to the original sources for pins.


Make your boards too personal.

Pin anything R-rated or inappropriate {Captain Obvious but worth mentioning}.


A place to spotlight your work and share newsworthy information.


Spend time creating a thoughtful profile page.

Keep any personal parts of your profile private through settings.

Share useful articles and links to presentation and valuable resources that interest customers and prospects on your wall, to establish credibility.

Post at least 2 times each week and be responsive.

Post between 4pm - 9pm during the week and on the weekends for highest visibility.

Be relevant. And again, be authentic.


Be negative.

Post too often.

Confuse Facebook with Twitter. Facebook status is for posting interesting articles, funny photos, or life changing events. No one needs to know that you just ate a hamburger and fries or grabbed your second coffee for the day.

Remember — You are what you tweet (and post and pin)! So make sure your content supports your brand image. We look forward to engaging with you on Twitter and well as sharing inspiration on Pinterest!

How do you utilize social media as a branding tool for you and/or your brand?