How to guide: Casino fashion

Deciding what to wear to a casino shouldn’t be too difficult, as although there is generally a dress code that recommends that you should wear smart casual, this can be, and is, interpreted in many different ways. Certainly you will never be turned away by any casino for being too smart, and it is unlikely that you would be turned away for dressing too casually, that is unless you went completely over the top with ripped jeans and a printed t-shirt with an offensive slogan. If you’re used to playing at places like though, it may be an idea to have a think about what to wear first, so hopefully we can give you a few pointers. If you are visiting a casino to play games rather than just for a social evening, then you might consider wearing your lucky colours. Serious gamblers tend to be a fairly superstitious bunch, and although there is no statistically valid evidence that lucky numbers and lucky mascots improve one’s results, there is plenty anecdotal evidence that it does. After all the next most superstitious people after gamblers are sportsmen.

If you don’t have any personal lucky colours, then you could select those that are considered to be lucky this year in feng shui. Currently it is the Chinese Year of the Wooden Horse and it is important not to offend the God of Age, as doing so will attract bad luck throughout the year. You can avoid causing offence by wearing something red, preferably something that has been given to you as a present; a good excuse for getting your boyfriend to buy you that red designer dress you have had your eye on. Lucky colours are also green and purple, and as a bonus, lucky numbers are 3, 4 and 9 and if you are looking for a lucky flower to wear in your hair, choose a jasmine.