Furry Fall Looks

While I love keeping up to speed on each seasons trends, I am truly a classic girl at heart. This fall we have plenty of lovely and timeless trends to embrace: clean lines, camel coats, structured handbags, chunky knits...and fur. Love it or hate it, faux fur and real fur were ALL over the fall 2010 runway. A friend and I were pouring through our favorite September fashion magazines on our flight home from NYC yesterday and we noticed that many featured Chanel’s double spread ad with lots-of-fur-meets-Native American-inspired looks. While I have always loved Chanel...this season I am hoping that they are going through a phase (much like my baggy jeans and flannel-wearing phase in junior high school). I wasn’t one of the lucky few that was able to attend the Chanel fall 2010 collection runway show, but I am guessing that the models dressed in head-to-toe fur were quite entertaining to watch stroll down the cat walk (especially  for all of the Star Wars fans).


Yes, fashion is an art and the runway is meant for inspiration and interpretation, but this is a look that brought plenty of conversation and giggles during our flight. Do I think a fur vest would be a great addition to your fall wardrobe? Sure. Do I think tall fur boots are necessary? Nope. They are just going to look like a shaggy dog after a muddy spring walk.

Models behind the scenes at a Chanel photo shoot

And should you splurge on a fur handbag? Nada….unless you want strangers asking to “pet your purse.”

Chanel handbag

Would love to hear your thoughts on this hairy trend! Do you love it...or hate it?