Closet Essentials: Winter Hats

With the freezing temps Mother Nature has brought upon us this Winter, it's become nearly impossible for us Minnesotans to leave the house bare-headed. So, the Style-Architects team has learned to kick the complaints + embrace the polar vortex by amping up our collection of winter hats. When you think winter hats, you probably think hair-flattening, static-causing beanies, right? This season, we are finding that there are plenty of fun and stylish hat options for every face shape and look! 1. Let's start with the knit turban. Looking to try something new and different? Try this universally flattering headpiece to keep your ears free of frost bite!

2. The classic fedora. You can never go wrong with your favorite fedora that transitions perfectly into every season!

3. Wide-brim bucket hat. Channel your inner-Indiana Jones and pair a great bucket hat with your go-to trench, fur shrug, or leather jacket. Perfect for those bad hair days!

4. Pom pom beanie. This warm addition to your winter wardrobe is perfect for dressing up your puffy parka!

5. Trapper hat. Simply because we live in the North Country.

6. Try a slouchy beanie for an effortless, relaxed look {that's perfect for a lazy Saturday brunch date}!