Closet Essentials: Vintage Inspired Swimwear

Summertime in Minnesota has finally arrived – which means that it’s time to talk swimwear! One trend that our team really loves is swimwear channeling vintage styles. Swimsuit season can be a somewhat dreaded time but these different vintage-inspired suits can fit and flatter any body type. Take one-piece suits for example - When you used to think of one pieces you may have instantaneously thought of the standard ‘swim team’ style suit, however, one piece suits are making a come back with a vintage spin like this classic scalloped suit from Topshop or this beautifully patterned suit from Anthropologie (fun fact: this flamingo pattern was actually created by local Megan Gonzalez of Mae Mae Paperie).

Feeling too covered up with a full one piece suit? Opting for a vintage-inspired high waisted swimsuit might be a better option for you. For example, this high waisted polka dot bikini from J.Crew has that classic 50s vibe that will never go out of style.

As for guys, slim and sleek is the way to go! No more sagging your board shorts down to your ankles, keeping it above the knee and more form fitting is incredibly flattering. Take these swim trunks from J.Crew for example. Too short? Try a longer (but slimmer) pair from like these reversible board shorts from Nordstrom.

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