Closet Essentials: New Year, Classic You

With a new year comes the sudden urge to invest in new wardrobe pieces {and purge the bad}. So why not start off this year in confidence and treat yourself to some new classic threads! Check out our list of closet must-have's that will be sure to leave you turning heads in 2014.

  1. Black Stilettos: Every girl should have a go-to pair of black pumps in her closet. They are perfect paired with your favorite weekend jeans or dressed up with a skirt for the office.
  2. Trench Coat: A timeless trench is crucial for taking on the chilly, Minnesota winters.
  3. Leather Handbag: Just because a girl can never have too many purses {and to hold all of those necessary items, of course}!
  4. Skinny Black Pants: Go great tucked into your go-to boots or jazzed up with a pair of pumps!
  5. Ballet Flats: Lets face it, we can't wear heels everyday- we're only human! Investing in a comfortable pair of ballet flats will leave your feet happy and healthy.
  6. White Collared Shirt: One of the most versatile pieces. Throw it under your favorite cashmere v-neck sweater or pair it with a pair of boyfriend jeans for the effortless-yet -tailored look.
  7. Blazer: Whether you are a tomboy or an ultra femme, a well-fitted blazer is always a good purchase.
  8. Dark Denim: Great way to dress up a casual top and boots {plus, dark denim is always flattering}!
  9. Little Black Dress: A universal "yes" for any party.
  10. Weekender Outfit: For those impromptu girlfriend getaways!

Need some help searching for these closet classics? Don't fret- our dream team of wardrobe stylists are here to save the day! Click here to view our complete list of styling services.