Closet Essentials: Men's Accessories

Attention men, now that we’ve outlined our favorite closet essentials for this Fall, {and you are looking mighty ravishing} it’s time we help you complete your look by adding in some dazzling details to your repertoire. If you ask stylists Tim and Natalie, a true dapper gentleman’s wardrobe is a work of art, something that expresses who you are as an individual, and what better way to express yourself than through some awesome accessories? Here, we share our favorite must-have men’s accessories that all you dudes should consider adding to your ever-expanding closet.

Natalie's Picks

1. A trusty bag: Unlike our skin or memory, This Duluth Pack Bag is one of those pieces that truly becomes “better with age” {and who doesn’t love a MN-made product? Go local!}

2. Invest in a timeless scarf: The classic multi-generation Burberry scarf never goes out of style {don’t believe us? Then ask your boyfriend or your grandfather!} However, I recommend straying away from the traditional red and khaki color scheme and dare to be different with this black and grey combo.

3. Tick-Tock goes to clock: If there’s one piece worth splurging on, it’s this circular shaped Raymond Weil watch.  The timeless yet on-trend piece can be worn to work or to play.

Tim's Picks

4. Dapper Details: Spice up your blazer or suit coat with these J. Novachis cufflinks. The crystal face equipped with unique {yet subtle} diamond dust can serve as the perfect “ice breaker” as well as allow you to show off your personal style and panache.

5. Worldly influence: Add a dash of culture to your ensemble with this M. Cohen African bead bracelet. When this “low key, high style” piece catches some attention, it could lead to a great discussion about your adventures to a far away place.

6. Nothing beats the classic “H”: This timeless Hermes belt looks great dressed up with a perfectly tailored suit or paired with a pair of jeans and a V-neck for that {effortlessly} cool look.

There you have it, dudes. Remember, just because you don’t festoon yourself in jewels or throw on a killer pair of heels {like the lovely ladies} you can still turn heads with these timelessly trendy accessories.