Closet Essentials: Dapper Gent

Attention, gentlemen. When you think of Fall and “Top 10” are you thinking of your fantasy foot ball draft picks? Or are you thinking of the 10 best closet essentials for the season? If you chose the former over the latter, fear not as our styling team is here to keep you ahead of the game!  Leave your jersey in the closet this season and invest in these key pieces that still allow you to be a super fan, as well as a dapper man.

  1. Colorful socks: A little pop of color can go a long way
  2. White Button Shirt: A classic must-have. Pair it with a v-neck, jacket or wear it alone!
  3. Plaids & Checks: Always on-trend and perfect for adding some masculine texture and interest to your wardrobe.
  4. Boots: Go well with everything
  5. Great Watch: Timeless and lets face it, nobody wants a late date!
  6. V-Neck Sweater: Perfect for layering
  7. Well fitted suit: If you are going to spend the money on a suit, spend the time to find a good tailor- it’s well worth it!
  8. Dark Denim: Don’t be afraid of the slim fit
  9. Leather jacket: Think James Dean!
  10. Tweed Blazer: Great piece for transitioning from day to night

So trust us and invest in some of these must-haves for Fall/Winter that are sure to keep you stylish and comfortable while rooting for your favorite football team! And during that commercial break find more men's fall fashion picks here.