Chic Superbowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching, and while we may not all agree on whether the Broncos or Seahawks should win, we can all agree that Super Bowl Sunday is about much more than just the game… it’s about the party {and of course, the commercials}, so in order to assist you in throwing a chic Super Bowl party, we pulled together some fun and festive food, drink and décor ideas for the occasion. Ready, set, hike! 1. Centerpieces: Use potted wheatgrass with miniature footballs +  helmets to keep the football theme without being too over-the-top with floral {after all, the guys don't want flowers blocking their view of the TV!}

2. Signage: Use chalkboards (like this one from Patina) to create signage for food, {or strictly for decoration} by adding some X’s and O’s in play formations. I also love this chalkboard from anthropologie- perfect for labeling food, and drawing a few football plays.

3. Sips: Add some festive flair to your everyday beer bottles {after all, it is the official drink of football} with fun football tags. Want to make it more personalized? Why not decorate the tags with team colors or logos!

4. Festive Flatware: Instead of using regular cups to hold extra items on your table, think about using football shaped "koozies!"

5. Foodie Favorites: We all know the standard football party includes dips, chips, & beer, but I recommend adding a little something special for those guests with sweet teeth. For example, football cupcakes are a great addition to any table, but are also delicious and sure to satisfy sugar cravings. Most bakeries are willing and able to create personalized cupcakes, such as Franklin Street Bakery!