Bits + Tips: Winter Refresh

Come February, we all find ourselves pacing our homes with cabin fever wishing we could push the décor refresh button. Just because the temperatures aren't changing doesn't mean you can't spice up your abode with some fun new décor elements. Here are some products that stylist Anna Furrer has been drooling over during her online snowstorm trolling! 1. Shed Some Light: Loving this lamp from new-ish company, Cedar & Moss out of Portland. Such simple and sophisticated designs.

2. Touch of Personality: NYC artist, Landon Metz sure knows how to tug on my heartstrings with his beautiful canvas died pieces. Someday….

3. Local Lovin’: Can we just take a minute to celebrate BluDot? Seriously though, this chair.

4. Splurge Alert: This hide rug is subtly luxurious and adds some shape interest.

5. Shine On: This side table incorporates some shine and interest without overkill.

6. Make it Custom: I’m a big believer in custom pillows especially when the fabric is from Schumacher. If sewing isn’t in your repertoire try looking on Etsy.

7. Naturale: By February I’m dying for some greenery to liven up my space. Ikea has some great budget friendly plant options.

1. Lamp 2. Wall Sconce 3.  Lounge Chair  4. Hide Rug  5. Side Table 6. Custom Pillow  7. Plant