Bits + Tips: Styling A Bookcase

It’s no surprise that our team loves all things design and keeping our office in tip top shape is no exception to this rule! Some of you may have a love/hate relationship with your bookshelf and find it difficult keeping it clean and {stylishly} organized. Here, we share with you our bits and tips on how to use those everyday household items to pull together a chic and stylized bookshelf.

Styling a bookcase via Style-Architects
  • First, choose a color palette. In our office, we are partial to neutrals as they keep the overall look clean and streamlined. Bring in any color with the books {or magazines} used. We often recommend keeping it to a three-color limit. Check out one of our favorite reads, Cereal available at our local obsession, The Foundry.
  • Anchor the bookcase on either side with larger items. This gives it a sense of symmetry without being too obvious or literal.  We love using this acrylic file box from Russel & Hazel. It’s a perfect marriage between function and form.
  • Mix high and low within each shelf and in neighboring shelves to add interest and depth {think horizontal versus vertical books}.
  • Here’s a tip: odd numbers are your friends. Three is often our magic number.
  • Mix in unique pieces to add more personal + sentimental value {don’t just fill it with junk or tchotchke pieces}! This charming rocking bird is our mid-century modern fix, inspired by the iconic Eames bird.
  • Bring in an organic touch. It softens while also adding dimension and texture. Air plants are great for the not-so-green thumbed.
  • Create connections by placing similar items adjacent from one another i.e. plants and book stacks.
  • If you ask us, there is always beauty in simplicity. We are currently lusting after this Stockholm table clock from Leif. It’s a lovely Scandinavian inspired design and adds a great pop of black.

1.Candle  2.Clock  3.Cereal Magazine  4.Rocking Bird  5.Acrylic File Box

Photography: Canary Grey Photography