Top 5 Reasons We Love Working at Style-Architects

Top 5 reasons we love working at Style-Architects


1 // Co-workers are Key!

We work closely on pretty much every aspect of each project.  Having co-workers you love to spend your day with makes ALL the difference. Everyone strives to demonstrate openness everyday, seeking out ways to involve others to enhance outcomes.

2 // Flexibility Rules!

Being able to come and go (with-in reason) is a huge perk.  Trust between boss + employee is rated among the most important characteristics of a healthy, fun environment.  Flexibility is only do-able when there is a strong element of trust in an office.

3 // Environment Love!

We are surrounded by great food, fun fashion and quite the view! It’s easy to feel inspired in the North Loop.

4 // Let it be!

One of the best perks of working at SA is that we each get to manage ourselves (more or less).  Employees are not just thinkers but doers. Starting work with minimal hesitation and rolling up the sleeves to produce impactful client solutions. We come up with ideas, bounce them off each other, collaborate and execute.  

5 // Christina, #girlboss

It’s easy to love what you do when you have a boss that is as creative, compassionate, and cool as Christina. With a background in editorial and marketing, she comes to the table with powerhouse ideas.

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