Quick Tip: Ways To Curb Creative Block

Let's get one thing straight: even if you are the most creative person in the world, you will still have moments when you feel drier and crustier than an old paintbrush. We're all human, and we can't always get our creative juices flowing 100% of the time. Here at SA, we are constantly surrounded by visuals and creative content, so it can be difficult at times to avoid creative block. But there are several ways to dip ourselves into a {fresh} glass of water, we just need to tap them more often. Here's what we came up with:

1. Get on your devices

We all operate in different ways and sometimes it takes a stimulating environment {such as a social media niche} to get our ideas running wild. Follow/friend people who will help and encourage you to become an even stronger creator. Bloggers, makers, and brands are all intriguing accounts to follow that can inspire you on the daily. 


2. Visit a unique place that you've never been to before

We don't know about you, but we get incredibly inspired when we're in new places, such as a coffee shop, a boutique, or a local bar. Creative architecture tends to force us to think slightly different and make us want to be outside of the box. While at a new place, be sure to bring a journal, snap a photo, or try a completely new food or drink! 


3. Go to a local event and meet new people

Humans are social beings {stolen via the social interaction theory from ages ago} which means without back-and-forth contact, we can start to feel empty. If you are know of a local event, this is a great opportunity to connect with community members you already know or meet new ones. Chances are the conversations will allow you to spill one another's passions and sparks will ignite the fire that is your creativity. 


4. Stop and smell the roses

Nature is creativity's bestie. Next time you are walking somewhere, take a minute to look at the raindrops covering the greenery on the edge of the sidewalk. Take a moment to see the hanging lights above you and how they illuminate a room full of people. Live the little things, and they will allow you to create the big things.