Spring Travel Guide: Local Edition

Style-Architects Spring Travel Guide

Sunshine and blue skies must be major cause of wanderlust, because we're ready to get outside and explore. Whether it's for the weekend, a week, or a lengthier journey, pack right with a few of our fav suitcase stuffers. Don't worry though, homesickness isn't on the itinerary: most of these travel essentials are right around the corner, so you can stay local while going global.

Grab your friends, pack your {stylish} bags & hit the road: adventure awaits!

1. Martin Patrick 3 Toothbrush and Toothpaste 2. One Love Organics Dry Shampoo: Wilson and Willy's 3. Ray Ban Sunglasses 4. Hat: Filson 5. Grown Alchemist Facial Kit: Parc Boutique 6. Duluth Pack Tote: Wilson and Willy's 7. Fujifilm instant camera: Urban Outfitters 8. Leatherworks MN camera strap: Wilson and Willy's 9. Puma Sneakers: Madewell 10. Swing Trench: Everlane 11. Pouch: Askov Finlayson 12. Watch: Shinola 13. The Gentlewoman: Parc Boutique