Style-Architects Tips for Packing Like a Pro

Style-Architects Packing Tips

Even the most seasoned traveler dreads packing. Whether you are heading up north for a fun weekend with girlfriends or jetting off the Europe with a tiny suitcase, why do we always put off packing until the very last minute? Have no fear, after talking to our team of expert stylists here at Style-Architects, we've pulled together a go-to process that will make this daunting task fun stress-free!

Plan, Plan, Plan: Planning may be the last thing you want to do after you have just finished planning all the details of your weekend getaway or family vacation. But trust us, planning your outfits out ahead of time will be a life {and space} saver in the long run.

{Pro Style Tip} While you are in your car driving to work or taking a shower, mentally picture your closet and pick out items you know you want to bring along. Once you return to your room, set those items aside in a pile of "must-pack" items!

Think Function and Fashion: You don’t need a different shirt for every day or every outfit. Instead of opting for statement pieces choose items that can be dressed up or down and can be styled multiple ways and with multiple pieces.

{Pro Style Tip} Wearing a thin undershirt will help keep your clothes free of sweat or oil and keep them feeling fresh after multiple wears!

Don’t Forget to Accessorize: Speaking of making your clothes multi-functional, don’t forget to toss in some accessories. Not only do they help complete a look but some statement jewelry can really glam up a simple tee or outfit.

{Pro Style Tip} Nobody will even notice you wearing the same go-to black sweater if you change it up with different scarves, hats, and jewelry!

Get Fabric Educated: Pick fabrics that travel well so you can avoid putting extra time into caring for them and can spend more time enjoying your trip. Natural fibers like silk, linen or rayon blended with a few synthetic fibers can turn that dry-clean only top into machine washable or wrinkle-resistant.

Don’t Fold, Roll: Rolling your clothes will help avoid that dreaded crease that folding so carelessly leaves. Plus, if you’re really tight on space you can rolled items in your shoes or inside your favorite fedora!

Travel in Layers: Dress in layers to keep you warm. After all, you can always undress as the day goes on. If you’re bringing particularly bulky items like boots or a chunky sweater, toss these on for the plane to avoid taking up the majority of your suitcase.

{ (Sort-of) Pro Style Tip} These bulky items also make GREAT pillows on the plane!