Unmentionables Worth Mentioning

Style-Architects | Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We love love, and being that February is the month dedicated to just that, we thought it was only right to share a few things we are loving at the moment. Looking for a gift for a friend, your mother or sister, a significant other, or a little something special for yourself {because self-love is just as important, right?}? These mentionables + unmentionables will have that someone special totally blushing and head-over-heels... 

1. Banjo & Matilda Cashmere Sweater, Room No. 3   2. Vitamin E Eye Balm, Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics  3. Natori Lingerie Set, Room No. 3   4. I Believe in Kissing Notebook, Lily and Violet   5. Gold Bar Necklace, Lily and Violet   6. Marvel Old Fashioned Candle, Askov Finlayson   7. U.S. Apothecary Rose Water Hand Lotion, Room No. 3   8. Long Handled Lovis Bath Brush, The Foundry Home Goods   9. Threshold Sweater Knit Blanket, Target

5 Tips for Getting Organized in 2016

Style-Architects | 5 Tips for Getting Organized in 2016

Sure, we’re a couple weeks into the new year, but it is never too late to make a new resolution or get back on track if you’ve fallen off… we’ve all been there {depriving yourself of desserts for an entire year wasn’t a good idea in the first place}. A common and much more reasonable resolution is to get {and stay} organized in the new year, whether it is tackling your pantry, playroom, or closet, or just managing the incoming paper flow. Easier said than done, right? Right. Sometimes it’s best to look to the experts for these things, which is why we called upon organization guru, Leslie DeMuth of Simply Organize for some tips and tricks to get us started. Read on for her top 5 tips for getting yourself type-A grade organized in 2016!

1. Get Your Priorities Straight

Most clients’ number one question for me is, "Where should we start?". And my answer is always, "With the space that’s bugging you the most". It's easy to get overwhelmed when there are multiple problem spots, so breaking it down one at a time makes the process simpler and more effective. Today we might tackle the mudroom; tomorrow, the kitchen pantry. Allowing yourself the satisfaction of completing one space will propel you forward to the next.

2. Pull Everything Out

As crazy as it sounds, I suggest taking everything out of the first space you’ve decided to organize—and I mean everything! Sure, this will temporarily create chaos, but the process is instrumental in helping you assess the entire lot—sorting, categorizing, and purging before putting anything back.

3. Prepare To Purge

It’s a cliche, but it’s so true—less is more! Purging can be one of the most challenging steps, but most of my clients feel a great sigh of relief once the process gets rolling. Ask yourself - Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I use it? If the answer is no, it's time to let it go. I am a believer that too much stuff turns into clutter, both in our brains and in our homes. And trust me, you won’t miss what was collecting dust once it’s bagged up and heading out the door.

4. Give Everything A Home

Whether it’s a basket for your shoes or a container for your hairbands, you can ensure that things will stay organized if you know exactly where they belong. It’s simple. Store like items together - pasta with pasta, light bulbs with light bulbs. And make sure you invest in a label maker to mark your bins and shelves—this is particularly essential when kids are involved.

5. Start The New Year With New Habits

Being organized means staying organized, and often times this means breaking old habits.  Commit to staying on top of your new system of organization… processing the mail the day it comes in, reminding the kids that their shoes go in the shoe bin. Once your home is organized, it will free space in your mind to focus on what really matters.  That's why my tagline is Organize so you can simply live!

And, if all else fails, call on the expert to do the organizing for you! Find more information on Simply Organize here or email Leslie at simplyorganizemn@gmail.com.

Our Favorite Holiday Drinks

StyleArchitects // Favorite Holiday Drinks

Eggnog, hot cocoa, mulled cider, hot toddy... we all have a favorite holiday drink {and there's no sense in arguing which is the best... we're all entitled to our own opinion, right?}. Along with the baked goods and dinner parties, the holidays bring a whole slew of new drink options in the season of indulging. So raise a glass, as we cheers to our favorite sips of the season! 

Lindsay // Hot Mulled Cider

Christina // Mulled Gin 

Jasmine // White Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Anne // Mocha from Yum! Kitchen & Bakery

Carlyn // Spygirl Latte 

Kayd // Kahlua Eggnog Cocktail

Tried-and-True: Style-Architects Required Reads

Required reads

Here at Style-Architects, we all have different interests and hobbies; however, reading is a common thread among the whole team. There’s nothing quite like posting up with a cozy blanket and a good book {or magazine or blog}. Whether you're looking for something to get the creative juices flowing, something to spark your next big idea, or something to get lost in, we’ve got you covered. Now sit back, pour yourself a latte {or a glass of wine} and dive into one of these Style-Architects-approved reads:

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg // Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg discusses gender-biased obstacles in today's society when climbing the professional ladder. It's a well-written and enlightening read that challenges all to have a progressive perception on the new generation of women to lead.

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown // The TED speaker talks about the courage to be vulnerable and its ability to change the way we live.

Fast Company Magazine // A go-to for current inspiration, motivation, and industry news. It's the beautiful layout and wide array of content categories {innovation, business, tech, and design} that will have you reading cover-to-cover.

Manage Your Day-to-Day by Jocelyn K. Glei // The 99U series, written by the team at Behance, aims to provide the "missing curriculum" that every creative person and team needs to make ideas happen. Manage your Day-to-Day is a collection of insights from brilliant minds about how to make the most of your time and energy on the small things so that nothing can stand in the way of letting the big ideas flourish.

Frankie Magazine // This Australian mag provides the best inspiration for all things fashion, music, travel, and photography. The unique covers look great on your coffee table, too!

Who What Wear and Byrdie // Our favorite resource for trends and beauty delivered daily to our inbox each morning. 

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah // A dramatic and captivating read about two sisters living in France during World War II. It’s hard to put down, so you may want to set some time for this one over holiday break!

Style-Architects for Red Stamp: Card Collection

{Drumroll, please...} Introducing the Style-Architects for Red Stamp card collection! A collection with both style + substance to leave a lasting impression. From celebrating a birthday to asking a friend on a coffee date, we've got a card for it.  We hope you find the perfect card to delight, surprise, or thank someone special! 

Check out our full collection here

Holiday Gift Guide: Local Edition

Style-Architects | 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

“Tis the season of giving and we’re back with another roundup of “SA approved” gifts from the good ol’ North. We love giving gifts and we love supporting local businesses, so naturally, we like to keep our shopping close to home {close to home = close to the heart}. We’ve pulled together a list of local gift ideas we’re giving the SA stamp of approval. Thankfully, there is no shortage of cool makers here, so rest assured, the locals {and beyond} on your list are sure to love these gifts.

Now let the holiday shopping commence! {just maybe, we’ll knock off our gift list before the 23rd this year... }.

Marvel Old Fashioned Candle: Askov Finlayson. Spring Finn & Co. Clutch: American Refugee Committee, Maker’s Collection. Minnesota Coaster: Leather Works Minnesota. Wood Tie Bar: Woodchuck. Winter Knit Hat: Great Lakes Clothing. Quilt: Louise Gray. 14k Gold Mila Ring, Paffrath & Son Jewelers**. Perfume Oil: Parlour Von Kopp. Constructed Matter MN Mug: Ciel Loft & Home. Constructed Matter MN Print: Ciel Loft & Home. Bét Vodka: Beet Spirits. Saints Crewneck: Wilson & Willy’s. North Card: Red Stamp, Style-Architects Collection. Good Vibes Banner: Red Stamp.  

** Call to place ring orders.