Summertime to-dos

The official start of summer is coming up quickly, and we’ll most certainly be making the most of it! In order to do so, we’ve compiled everything we want to accomplish into the ultimate summer to-do list. To-do lists typically come with negative connotations, but not this one! Here our list of must-dos we'll checking off this summer...


_______ Sleep in on weekends {our current bedding obsessions from Boll & Branch will help with this…}  

_______ Host a weekend brunch with friends {mimosas mandatory!}

_______ Take a weekend road trip

_______ Learn a new water sport {It's only fitting as we’re in the land of 10,000 lakes}

_______ See a movie at a drive-in theater 

_______ Cook at home more than eating out {now the time to make good use of those grills!}

_______ But, take advantage of patio happy hours, too

_______ Make a trip to Valley Fair

_______ Grow a vegetable and herb garden {and try to keep everything alive!} 

_______ Go to at least one outdoor concert

_______ Go to a pre-season Vikings game at the new US Bank Stadium {or if American football isn’t your thing, catch the other football game happening in August} 

_______ Slow down {summer will fly by, don’t forget to enjoy it!}

May Desktop Download


Oh rosé... there is so much to love about it. The soft blush hue, the crisp and refreshing taste, that hint of sweetness. In fact, there's so much that we've decided to dub May as the kick off to the {unofficial} season of rosé. Mind you, we're up for rosé anytime of the year... or day {rosé all day!}, but we love a good reason to indulge. In honor of this unofficial season, we've created desktop and iPhone wallpaper designs for you to dress your tech. 



Picnic Perfect

It's officially May (yay!) and as Minnesotans, we never take any season for granted. Rain or shine, cold or hot, as soon as the season permits, we will be outdoors {plus or minus layers, accordingly}. With picnic season kicking off and Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, you can bet that there will be plenty of opportunities for grammin' + snappin', and we want to make sure you're well equipped for capturing those picture-perfect moments. 

Follow these five steps and you'll be well on your way to an Insta-worthy and truly picnic-perfect outing!

  1. Set the stage. Think of your blanket as the canvas. It sets the tone for everything else. Opt for a washed linen blanket for the perfect french-rustic setting, or use a classic striped blanket for that preppy, Americana style setting.  
  2. Think outside the basket. Picnic baskets are great, but they aren't your only option. A wood crate is a great, sturdy option for getting your goods to the location, plus, it serves as a solid surface for food {or wine!}. 
  3. Go small. Small bites and hand-held foods like baguette sandwiches, fruit and charcuterie plates look pretty in pictures, add variety, and are much easier to eat when sitting on the ground! 
  4. Pack it pretty. Don't forget to add those final touches! Fancify your food with little details such as wrapping your sandwiches up in white paper and bakers twine or adding some fresh herbs to serving plates. And for an easy, yet impactful addition, throw in some fresh cut flowers. 
  5. Just add people. People add movement, interest, and life to images. Capture those candid moments! 

How To Style A Flatlay

Unless you’ve been fasting from social media for the last couple of years, it’s safe to assume that you’ve all heard of, tried, or, perhaps, mastered the flatlay. Seems simple enough, right? Lay some things down on a surface and snap a shot. Much easier said than done, trust us. We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve got some crazy good photo stylists here at Style-Architects, and we’d be happy to show you a thing or two. While there's no black and white method when it comes styling, here are a few tips and tricks from our pros to take your insta from basic to #goals.

  1. Determine your theme. This could be something as concrete as packing essentials for your beach vacation, to something as abstract as all things blue. The key is to establish a common thread to create purpose for the image.

  2. Coordinate colors + patterns. This will create synergy and keep your image easy on the eye. For example, if you’re styling your beach vacay image, you might choose to use bright colors and boho prints. Or, If you prefer a neutral palette, you can pull in natural elements and muted colors + patterns.

  3. Variety is key. When selecting items for your flatlay, create visual interest and balance by using a variety of different sizes, quantities {we’re partial to the odd numbers} and textures.

  4. Choose a composition style. There are a million different ways you can lay out your items, so start by determining your style and the purpose of the image. Do you want the image to be structured and linear? Messy and lived in? Maybe you want to create an intricate pattern {serious props to those who’ve mastered these!}. 

  5. Bend the rules. If we’re telling it straight, there isn’t a right and wrong way to style a flatlay. Don’t get hung up on rules, a certain style or "the norm". Establishing your own style and playing in the grey area is much more fun, anyways!

Flatlay away, friends.